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Mahjong Quest

Full screen online game Mahjong Quest with the image of China on the background. Lucky you! Today you will have the opportunity to play one of the best games of this genre.
You can travel to any part of China (just choose the direction) and pass the levels. Each level has its own name and difficulty. Also the music will make you feel that emotions as if you really are in the East.

Before you is a unique game of its kind that combines elements of adventure and puzzle. Discover the mysterious and wonderful world of China by choosing one of the four cardinal directions on the loading screen. You can head north and see the snow-covered hills, or travel south, where most of the territory is occupied by rivers. Each side has an individual background image, which makes the game more interesting and fun.

The changes affected only the graphical component of mahjong, Mahjong Quest game rules remained the same as in the classic version. It is necessary to completely remove the tiles from the field, making pairs of them with the same hieroglyphs. It is important to remember that you can only click on those knuckles that are not blocked either from above or from the side. Like a traditional Chinese logic game, Mahjong Quest has a limited time limit. So you need to quickly look for the same dice. If during the passage of the level there are difficulties, then you can use one of the ten tips.

To enjoy this game, relax and enjoy it to the fullest, just open our site in your browser and press the play button. We guarantee that you will appreciate the colorful graphics and pleasant music in this game. Dive into the mysteries of East Asia with Mahjong Quest.