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Among Float Connect

Your favorite characters are now in a new game. Connect identical game elements in Among Float Connect, win and set records. Funny characters on the dice, original graphics, and simple rules attract both schoolchildren and adult users.

Look at the board with tiles with different images and choose two identical ones. Just click on them to make them disappear. You should choose only those elements that are located next to each other or can be connected by a line with two right angles and no more. When pairs of tiles disappear, the next ones after them move up in the column. Try to predict the dice combinations in advance and get the maximum number of stars on your score.

The game period is limited by the timer. All moves should be made as quickly as possible. When there are no moves available, use the hints. Possible pairs of identical images will be highlighted, or all the elements will be mixed. If there is time left until the end of the game, the participant receives a reward as bonus points.

Relax with your favorite characters, have some rest and improve your visual memory and concentration skills. Enjoy an interesting game, organize competitions with friends and relax after a busy day.