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Dream Farm Link Mahjong

Meet a funny farmer that will show you his farm!
Here you will have some levels and every next level will be harder than the last one. You will find nice animals such as goats, sheep, and also many things that are connect with farm: sunflowers, tractors and so on. The Dream Farm Link Mahjong game will be super for kids, developing logic and attention, by the way it has time limits.

For fans of logic games, we post farm style mahjong. Here, on each of the tiles, you can see thematic animation and soundtrack. So, animals will grunt, meow or bleat, and the tractor and other agricultural equipment will rumble or growl. The game is perfect for both children and adults, because the rules are as simple as possible.

You need to look for tiles that show the same funny drawings. For example, it can be pigs, cows, dogs or garden tools. Try to clear the playing field as quickly as possible, because you have time limits. If you are in a difficult situation when it is not possible to make identical pairs, then use the hint located at the bottom of the screen.

Each new level will be harder than the previous one, so get ready for a tough challenge. You will have to concentrate as much as possible to get through all the rounds in this exciting farming game.