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Union mahjong

The Union mahjong game will make you happy with pleasant and relaxing music. On the playing field you will see the tiles that are a little hidden behind each other, all you need to do is to find two identical tiles and remove them from the playing field. You will have a limited time and as many as six tips, so go through the game quickly and boldly.

So, before you is one of the classic versions of Shanghai Mahjong. There is no place for intuition or speculation, only pure logic and common sense. You need to clearly understand what your next move will be and what consequences it can lead to.

The traditional rules of the game suggest that you must find two identical images and click on them with the mouse. As soon as the combination is made, a couple of tiles immediately disappear from the field. The faster you completely clear the screen of knuckles with various characters and Chinese patterns, the more points you get.

Union mahjong game is ideal for those who like to think logically and think through their actions several moves ahead. Do not hesitate, launch Mahjong Fortuna and be transported to the wonderful world of the East right now.