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Mahjong Mix

Classic Mahjong with relaxing music will allow you to fully enjoy the game. In the Mahjong Mix game you will have 10 minutes of time for which you will have to complete level. In total, there are five levels of difficulty in this game. Also in this Mahjong Mix game you have several tips and you can change the tiles if you don’t have any available move.

If you cannot choose from a wide variety of themed mahjong games, then we suggest you play a game that embodies almost all types of this Chinese solitaire. In it, you have to solve a bunch of puzzles that differ in graphics, music, and rules. Choose your favorite mahjong and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the East.

There are five variants of this Asian puzzle game in front of you, namely classic solitaire mahjong, triple, slide, ten and connect mahjong. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, there is an explanation of the gameplay at the beginning of each game. Your goal remains the same no matter which version you choose. It is necessary to destroy all the tiles, making pairs of them.

Find two tiles with the same pictures and click on them with the mouse. Remember that you can only destroy the highlighted tiles, the ones in shadow are blocked. You need to think over a combination of moves to open them. Think carefully about your decisions, as mistakes can negatively affect the further course of the game.