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Miracle Mahjong

This Miracle Mahjong is similar to sudoku, at the very beginning of the game you will see not a single field, but as many as 6 Mini fields on your computer screen. As usual, you will need to collect identical tiles and remove them from the field. Thanks to this you will increase your chances to complete the game to the end, because in this game there are time limits and thanks to the collected tiles, you can increase this time.

Sometimes you really want to bring magic to the usual and the same type of everyday life. But how to do this if there is no way to go on a trip or organize a spontaneous party. We know the answer – immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of classic Chinese solitaire. This game conveys the spirit of East Asia, and to fully enjoy each level, we suggest you open mahjong in full screen mode.

The rules in Miracle Mahjong are slightly different from the classic ones. There are six squares on the screen, grouped in two rows, and you need to find two identical ones among them. However, before you click on identical pictures, remember that there must be a line between them that forms no more than two corners.

Also remember that each level has a time limit. However, if you make an effort, you can meet the allotted time for completing the level. Enjoy colorful graphics, worked out to the smallest detail, and a pleasant soundtrack. Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Miracle Mahjong!