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Squid Mahjong Connect

A real surprise for fans of the Squid Game series. Squid Mahjong Connect is a fun game for adults and children. Train your mindfulness and memory and set records.
The player’s task is to clear the playing field with tiles with images of movie characters. Combine identical pictures into pairs by simply clicking on the screen or mouse button. If the move is made correctly, the cubes will disappear and open access to the next elements.

You can combine those tiles that are located next to each other or between them you can draw a line with two right angles and no more. There is no time to think. The timer indicates the time left until the end of the game. When the last seconds are up, you will have to start over.

The account is replenished with each subsequent successful move. In addition, players can use hints. If you can’t find an available move on your own, clicking on the light bulb image will highlight an alternative pair. You can also use the option of shuffling tiles. After the cubes change their place, new options for combining pictures will definitely appear.

Spend your free time in a fun and useful way. Improve your observation, visual memory and thinking skills.