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Simpsons Mahjong

We all watched the animated cartoon The Simpsons. And now it’s time to play The Simpsons Mahjong. Click on the icons with the Simpsons images on the tiles and they disappear from your field. The main thing is to remove all tiles from the playing field and then the game will be considered complete. Have a good playing!

The Simpsons is a popular cartoon from the USA. It depicts funny characters with yellow skin and an unusual face. The main characters are: Marge – the mother of the Simpson family, whose distinguishing feature is blue hair, Bart = the eldest child in the family, Maggie, Lisa and Homer.

The goal of the game is to find all the tiles with the same images of the heroes of your favorite cartoon about the Simpsons. As soon as you see tiles that can be paired, click on them with the mouse. Thus, they will disappear from the field, and you will earn bonus points. Remember that not all tiles are immediately clickable. Some of them are blocked from above or from the side.

If you do not see possible solutions to the puzzle, then click on the hint button. Thus, a pair of identical tiles will be highlighted and you can easily get out of a predicament. Play this unusual version of mahjong at your own pace as there is no time limit. However, the faster you make combinations of the same pictures, the more points you can get. Are you ready to set a new record in Mahjong Simpsons?