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Mahjong Warcraft 2

Fans of the popular computer game are in for a real surprise. Mahjong Warcraft 2 is an interesting puzzle game that will delight you with bright and rich graphics, simple tasks, and a lot of interesting options. Concentrate on the magic symbols and demonstrate not only strength but also wit and a sharp mind.

Travel the map and discover new locations.
The player’s task is to clear the playing field of cubes with different images. To do this, combine the same elements. Fans of Warcraft will recognize the symbols from their favorite game.

If you need help completing a level, use the hints. The player can choose one or more options:

  • highlighting an alternative move;
  • destroying two pairs of identical tiles;
  • replenishing time;
  • mixing and others

When the time runs out, the game ends. If there are lives available, the player can continue from the same level.

At the end of the level, the screen shows the number of points earned and the ability to go to the next location on the map.

Visual memory, attentiveness, and logical thinking will help you succeed in the game. Relax and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of interesting symbols and characters.