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Mahjong Connect 4

In front of you is a very convenient Mahjong Connect 4 free game in full screen. Here, you can enjoy your favorite game which has 12 levels of difficulty, time limit, points from every right connected tiles and some tips. Connect the tiles to remote them from the game.
The Mahjong Connect 4 game is perfect choice for those who decide to relax and to have work out for the brains.

On this page you can enjoy one of the most difficult, but at the same time fascinating Chinese solitaire games. To become a winner in the game, you need to stack the tiles in pairs by clicking on the tiles with the same image.

Unlike classic mahjong, in which you can click on the knuckles in any direction, this version has slightly different rules. You need to find pairs with identical pictures that are located next to each other only vertically or horizontally. As soon as the arrow touches the tiles, they disappear. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the screen.

Mahjong Connect 4 (fullscreen) has 12 levels that differ in difficulty and design. As you progress, you will unlock new game features and musical arrangements. At the same time, the game helps to remove the stress accumulated during the working day, relax and improve intellectual skills. You just have to start the game, carefully follow the cards and complete the levels for a certain time.