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Pet Connect Mahjong

In the game Pet Connect Mahjong you need to disassemble all the cards, removing pairs of identical images. In mahjong connection, unlike the classic one, you need to connect images with the same animals to each other, then they disappear. This game was created primarily for children, since it will be interesting for them to find different animals, and the game itself is not too difficult, moreover, it has hints that you can use if you cannot find a move.

Who doesn’t like cute little animals?! Funny cats with big eyes and dogs wagging their tails, you will meet all these animals in the new version of the Chinese puzzle. We lay out a modern interpretation of the classic mahjong, where instead of hieroglyphs, various animals are depicted on the bones.

This mahjong is of the Connect type, so you will have to take into account some rules that differ from the traditional mahjong. The game uses a single-level layout, so you don’t have to think about how to unlock the tiles hidden behind the top tiers. However, this does not mean that the game has become easier, rather the opposite. Now, you will be able to connect only those tiles between which there is a line that has no more than two angles of 90 degrees. The main goal of the game has remained unchanged – it is necessary to destroy all the tiles from the field by clicking on those of them that have the same pattern.

The Pet Connect Mahjong game is complicated by the presence of time limits. The faster you complete the levels, the more reward points you get, the number of which determines your progress to the next stage. If you can become a mahjong master and make all the cute animals happy, find out at Pet Connect Mahjong.