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Real Mahjong

The Real Mahjong game is similar to classic Shanghai pyramid schemes. And the drawings on the bricks in this game are as close as possible to the good old classics. Indeed, here are bamboos, dots, symbols, and cardinal points, that is all that we used to associate with ancient mahjong bones. The game has hint and mix buttons, if you have troubles with passing, you can press on them.

We see that Chinese mahjong puzzles are popular, so we are posting the next version of this game. Real Mahjong is a version that is as close as possible to the classic mahjong. It provides an excellent opportunity to train cognitive skills and improve concentration. In Real Mahjong you can switch and unload your brain.

In front of you on the playing field will be laid out nine pieces of bones, which depict various Chinese characters. At the same time, they will differ not only in style or numerical designations, but also in color. Your task is to remove all identical tiles from the screen. You have no time limit, so you can take your time and enjoy the gameplay. Select identical figures and click on them to remove them from the field.

It is important to remember that when solving this puzzle, you may have difficulty. For example, there is no matching pair for the bone, or the desired image is blocked by another rectangle. Especially for difficult situations, when there is no way to remove the bones from the field, the developers have added hints. You can use them if you click on the “HINT” box at the top of the screen. Relax with benefit with Real Mahjong.