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Mahjong Cook

In Mahjong Cook you need to cook quickly, because customers are looking forward for lunch or dinner. There is a time limit for which you must “cook” food and select all the kitchen utensils. That is, remove all the identical pairs of tiles from the mahjong field as quickly as possible, if you get to a dead end, you will have 3 tips.
Good luck to you!

Who doesn’t like to eat delicious food or just enjoy aesthetic photos of food. We invite you to combine business with pleasure and play this culinary mahjong. In the game you will find pictures with mouth-watering dishes, as well as kitchen utensils and chef’s uniforms.

The Mahjong Cook game will help you improve your logical thinking, increase your attentiveness and perseverance. However, do not think that this will happen in one completed level. You will have to try hard and overcome thirty rounds, each of which has its own characteristics. At the initial stage, you will see tiles closely adjacent to each other with different pictures. Find two identical ones among them and remove them from the field by clicking the mouse.

Before starting the Mahjong Cook, remember that the tiles will be destroyed if the line connecting them has no more than three corners. The more levels you pass, the less time you have left. Clear the playing field before the timer reaches zero, otherwise, the round will end with your defeat. Do your best to get as many reward points as possible and become the best Mahjong Cook player.