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Mahjong Restaurant

Use your free time to relax and have fun. Mahjong Restaurant is an original game for adults and kids that resembles a traditional Chinese board game. The tasks are simple and do not require any special skills, you just need to be attentive and concentrate. Test yourself and improve your skills.

Pair up identical bars and win. To do this, just click on two cubes with identical symbols on them. The elements should be positioned so that they can easily move left or right. If the pair is matched correctly, it will disappear from the playing field, thus opening up new segments. The bars are arranged in several levels. At each subsequent stage, the player disassembles more and more complex structures.

The time to complete the task is limited. Combine the tiles as quickly as possible to make it before the line on the timer runs out. The level is completed when all the tiles have disappeared from the playing field.

Additional options include hints, the ability to shuffle all the tiles, and increase the time. After each successful game, the player will be presented with a Chinese dish.

Take the opportunity to practice your concentration skills and learn more about oriental culture by playing Mahjong Restaurant.