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Butterfly Shimai

You will find a beautiful and interesting game where you will need to be as attentive and observant as possible. Butterfly Shimai is modeled after an ancient Chinese board game with dice.

The player’s task is to connect two elements with the same wings. As soon as the pair is matched, the colorful butterfly flaps its wings and disappears from the playing field.

To revive the butterfly, click on two identical wings located next to each other or those that can be connected by a line with no more than one corner. The time to complete the task is limited by the timer. For each successful pair of dice, the participant receives bonus time. If all available options are used, use the hint. The next move, or rather a pair of dice, will be highlighted. Butterflies add points to the player’s account. If there are no moves left, use the option to shuffle the dice with the image.

The game is won if all the butterflies are collected and there is no image left on the board. Start from the beginning in case the time for completion has expired.
Achievements in the game can be compared to a record score. Overcome your achievements and triumph. Train your attention, thinking, concentration, and just get aesthetic pleasure.