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Dream Pet Link Mahjong

Mahjong has not remained so classic for a long time as it used to be. Now more and more variants of Mahjong appear thanks to the creator. And on this site, you can get acquainted with the online game Mahjong, specially invented for children. Here, instead of tiles with ordinary images, you will see tiles with images of different animals, besides, they will be quite cartoonish, so go into the Dream Pet Link Mahjong game and develop your logic.

Mahjong Connect is a modern take on a Chinese puzzle game. In it, you need to not only look for the same picture, but also look for ways to connect them together. Here, not only the game rules are changed, but also the graphics. Classical hieroglyphs are replaced by images of various animals. The faces of owls, rabbits, pandas and tigers will appear on your screen. Combine business with pleasure: watch cute animals while developing your logical intelligence.

The main rule remains unchanged – the destruction of all tiles from the playing field. However, this can be done under one condition – a line must pass between the tiles, having no more than two right angles. Find identical pictures and delete them with a mouse click. The faster you do it, the more reward points you get. Also, remember that there is little time to complete the levels. Focus on the gameplay to reach the final and become a true mahjong master!

If you do not see possible options for connecting plates, then feel free to click on the hint. Despite the fact that it takes N-th number of points, thanks to it, you can avoid delay, which is much worse than losing a rating.