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Mahjong Chain

The main task in this Mahjong Chain game is to find the same dice and take away all pairs from the playing field.
For a certain period of time you should remove all dice. For each pair that you found, you will be awarded a few seconds of extra time. Otherwise the specified time will decrease.
You will certainly like this game because of beautiful picture and the opportunity to relax!

We invite you to play the next version of the Chinese mahjong puzzle. It is suitable for both experienced players and beginners. The rules are as simple as possible, accessible even to a child.

In front of you is a playing field, completely filled with white dice, which depict Chinese characters or just pictures. You have limited time, the timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen. At the same time, each time period has its own light, which shows how close you are to the final round. It is important to remove all the rectangles from the screen before the timer emits a characteristic sound, indicating the end of the level.

To make the tiles disappear from the game screen, you need to find two identical images and connect them with a line. Mahjong Chain has its own characteristics, so you can make a combination of two tiles if they are next to each other or connected by one line. In this case, the line must necessarily have no more than two corners. If the tiles do not meet these conditions, then you will not be able to select them. The tiles above will replace the rectangles that have disappeared. So the playing field is always changing. Another feature of this game is the presence of 600 tips that can be used if there is a quandary on the field.