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Mahjong Cards Connect

Use your free time to relax and unwind. Mahjong Cards Connect is an original combination of a Chinese puzzle and a card game. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Players will find simple tasks and original graphics.

Start with an easy level and overcome each subsequent one, replenishing the account with the maximum number of points. The player’s task is to disassemble the cards from the playing field. To do this, connect pairs of identical images. It is important that not only the card values match, but also the suit. Click on cards that are adjacent to each other or that can be connected by a line with two right angles.

The time left to complete the level is displayed on the scale on the right. When it is difficult to find identical cards, use the hints. Two identical tiles will be highlighted or start moving. Then feel free to click them and continue playing. If there are no moves, shuffle the tiles using the appropriate option.
Each successful move brings points to your score. The level is completed when all the cards are laid out. You can track the score and the number of completed levels on the screen.

The player will have a great time, relax and improve their skills. To succeed, use attention, concentration, or just try your luck.