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Tu mahjong

Tu Mahjong or a game in which you can choose different layouts of mahjong. There is heart shape, and a cup shape, and a pyramid shape, a lot of unusual shapes and many others. They are with any difficulty levels and number of blocks. Mixes, hints and no time limits, that is all here!
All you need is just open the online game and enjoy the incredible mahjong.

If you want to understand how to play Chinese Solitaire then you are on the right page. Here, unlike the classic mahjong, the tiles that can be paired are highlighted. Thus, you can easily master the game mechanics of this puzzle.

At the beginning, you need to choose the layout of the tiles. If you have a low level of development of logical intelligence, then we advise you to use simpler figures. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then boldly proceed to solve more difficult layouts. Tu mahjong has no time limit, so you can enjoy the game without fear that the timer is about to run out.

Your goal is to destroy all the bones; to do this, just click on two identical pictures. After clicking, they will immediately disappear from the playing field, freeing the tiles that were previously blocked. Sometimes, you will be able to watch a stalemate on the screen, from which there is only one way out – mixing the plates. Learn the basics of mahjong and set your personal records in Tu mahjong right now.