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Mahjong Cards

Mahjong Cards is relaxing game and at the same time very difficult. In front of you unusual cards instead of that you are used to seeing if you have already played Mahjong. n front of you there will be cards of different suits and all you need to do is free the playing field from these cards by finding the same pairs. You will have 8 minutes to win the level. So be vigilant.

Many people know card solitaire, in which it is necessary to rearrange the cards in such a way that they form a certain sequence. This time, we want to present you the classic board game in a completely different way. Forget what you knew about solitaire before, because in front of you is Mahjong Cards.

In classic mahjong, game tiles depict Chinese characters or other Asian-style pictures. Here, regular cards are used instead. You will see queens, jacks, kings, spades, hearts and so on. This unusual innovation will definitely appeal to fans of traditional solitaire.
Do not think that the absence of hieroglyphs drastically changes the game rules, they remain unchanged. Look for tiles with the same patterns and make pairs of them. Remember that you have a limited amount of time to complete the level. You need to completely remove the tiles from the playing field by clicking on identical pictures with the left mouse button. Don’t forget to use hints if you find yourself in a quandary and the ability to shuffle cards.