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Gorillaz Mahjong

You will be surprised when you see in this mahjong the tiles that laid out on the field and made up a sentence: “Tiles Of The Unexpected”. That is really the new one Mahjong with suddenness! Here you have instruction button and your best scores.
This Gorillaz Mahjong is a little bit differ then the usual mahjong game, because here you can match 3 or even 4 tiles, you just need to click on one of them and standing next to this one will be remoted.

Especially for you, we post mahjong with unique game mechanics. You don’t have to look for pairs of identical tiles or find ways to connect identical pictures with a straight line. In this version, you need to remove tiles that make up a group of identical patterns. As soon as you can clear the playing field from tiles, you will see the picture that the tiles previously blocked.

Combine tiles into impressive combinations and earn as many points as possible. Also, unlike the classic version, you will not be limited by time, but by the number of moves. If you understand that you do not have time to destroy all the pictures, then use the bomb. She will quickly remove the selected bones.

On the screen of Gorillaz Mahjong you will see a lot of dice and, at some point, there will be no pair among them, so you have to take a bomb. Remember that explosions are limited, so think about your actions a few moves ahead so as not to be the loser. Be careful and remember that every decision you make can change the further course of the game.