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Mahjong Relax

In front of you is a huge pyramid of Chinese tiles on which various symbols are drawn. You need to find two tiles with the same pattern and click on them. If they are open, then they will disappear from the playing field and open for you other tiles, which also participate in the process of clearing the playing field. As a result, not a single tile should remain.
So can you finish all Mahjongg levels by clearing the layout in Mahjong Relax game?

How to play Mahjong Relax

You had a hard day, tired of work and want to relieve the accumulated stress? Then this game is made especially for you. Relax with Mahjong Relax playing traditional Chinese solitaire.

The tiles in front of you are stacked in the form of a pyramid or “turtle” as it is commonly called in East Asia. Each of them depicts a hieroglyph, a flower or a bird, drawn in the Chinese style. Your goal is to carefully examine the entire playing field and find two identical pictures on it, then click on them with the mouse. However, there is an important nuance, the tiles will be clickable if all their sides are free and not clamped by other tiles from the side or top. For better visual analysis, we recommend expanding the game to full screen.

There is no timer, so you don’t have to constantly think about how much time is left before the end of the round. Calmly look for the same tiles, make pairs of them. If you do everything right, they will disappear from the playing field. To reach the end of the game, you need to remove all the tiles. The more often you make combinations of tiles, the more reward points you get. Open the game in your browser and relax looking for identical tiles in Mahjong Relax.