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Mahjong Animal Connect 2

Mahjong Animal Connect 2 is a free game for kids who love intricate puzzles with different cute animals. Here children will see not only the usual bunnies, puppies and kittens, but also other different animals: zebras, raccoons and bulls. Each of them needs to find a pair and this must be done in a short period of time. There are also bonuses in the game, as well as tips, in a word, everything you need to make an online puzzle a favorite fun for kids!

Previously, we have already posted a similar version of mahjong, where instead of traditional hieroglyphs, cute animals are depicted on the plates. This time we want to introduce you to the second part of this fascinating East Asian puzzle.

This time, you have to find pairs of identical pictures not on one square, but on two at once. Hurry up, because the time to solve the puzzle is limited, and with each level passed, it will become less and less. This mahjong is of the Connect type, that is, you have to connect the tiles together with a line that will have no more than two bends. As soon as you click on the same pictures, they will disappear from the playing field. To successfully complete the level, you need to find all pairs of tiles and merge them.

If you are unable to pass the round, then we advise you to stop worrying and being nervous. It is best to close the game for a while, relax and clear your thoughts. The correct sequence of moves will come to your mind once you relax. Also, we do not recommend looking at the timer often, as this will only distract you and take up precious time. It is better to fully focus on the playing field, making successful combinations of dice.