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Mahjong Titans Classic

Discover a game that will keep you coming back to it again and again. Interesting theme, colorful game elements, and a real challenge for the brain. Mahjong Titans Classic is modeled after a Chinese puzzle and requires maximum attention and concentration to complete the task. Traditional blocks with colored images will reveal the oriental culture.

There are elements with different images on the playing field in several levels. There are Chinese symbols, hieroglyphs, combinations of circles, as well as animalistic and floral motifs. The player has to free the field from the elements. To do this, you need to combine identical tiles. Choose identical images and click on the tiles.

Only those elements that are on top can be paired, and they can be freely accessed from the left or right side. As soon as the top tiles disappear, the player will see the elements that were under them.

The design of some tiles is a real work of art. Combine special tiles according to the theme, for example, pair elements with images of people, even if they are not identical.

If you want to win, focus on the arrangement of the game elements, memorize the symbols and pair the tiles as quickly as possible. Play Mahjong Titans Classic – relax and improve yourself.