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Mahjong Titans Dimensions

A real world of 3D Mahjong connections for real Titans of this game!
In front of you you will see a 3D cube on which different symbols will be depicted such as water, earth, snow and so on. You will need to unite two identical tiles with the same symbols, but you can connect only those tiles that will be opened with at least one left or right side. Because other tiles will not be removed from the field if they are covered by other ones.
Also, you can rotate your fairy cube by clicking on the Left or Right Arrows. Remember that you have time for which you must complete the game and if you cannot delete al the tiles from the field, then your level will be considered as a failure one and you will need to start playing the game again.
Try to pass it as quickly as possible to collect the maximum number of points and go to the next level, remember that during the game you can get additional bonuses, for example: multi connections. Also, if you cannot collect some tiles the Mix button will help you to mix the tiles for a successful game.
It’s time to play Mahjong Titans Dimensions game, don’t miss it!