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Mahjong Pyramids

In this Mahjong Pyramids game, you have to search and combine two identical mahjong tiles in order to gradually remove them from the playing field. In Ancient Egypt, there are different types of mahjong layouts. In this game, we advise you to immediately look at the entire pyramid to focus well on finding suitable tiles. Be in the game as quickly as possible to earn a large number of bonuses over the time you complete each level.

If you think that the name of the game reflects the shape of the layout of tiles in this version of the game, then this is not entirely true. Before you is a door to the world of ancient Egypt, behind which mysterious pyramids and the wise Sphinx, pharaohs and scarab beetles are hiding. Check how attentive and logical you are in this exciting version of East Asian solitaire.

On the screen, you will see tiles depicting various pictures in the ancient Egyptian style. You need to look for the same patterns among them and make pairs of them. As soon as you click on tiles with identical patterns, they will immediately disappear from the field, freeing the previously blocked tiles. Your task is to clear the screen of game elements and keep within the limited time frame.

Egyptian theme combined with mahjong tiles will create a unique atmosphere in this online game. Connect ancient pyramids of tiles and complete exciting levels. The game will allow you to become more insightful and increase the level of logical intelligence. Embark on a journey into the past right now at Mahjong Pyramids.