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Mahjong Blitz

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to have fun, relax and unwind. Mahjong Blitz is a game with simple rules and accessible tasks that will surely appeal to children and adult users. Use your mindfulness and reaction speed – combine the same elements and get a reward.

The player will have several levels of play in different locations. Each stage has a different dice design. Game elements are arranged in several levels. To win, you need to clear the field of all tiles. Click on the bars with the same images and get a reward for each correctly matched pair. You can choose only those elements that are available from the left or right.

For speed, the player receives awards in the form of stars. You can get a maximum of three stars per game. As time runs out, the number of stars decreases.
The player’s account is replenished with points. With each subsequent level, a larger structure of tiles and other configurations opens up before the participant. Among the tiles are images of coins. Fill up your piggy bank and spend the coins to buy hints.

Demonstrate all your skills and set a game record. Original drawings and colorful graphics will allow you to relax and learn about the culture of the countries of the East.