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Blue Mahjong

Blue Mahjong – surely it’s your one of the best online game. If you have already played it, then you will be delighted with the beautiful interface, and if you are a beginner, you will not notice how much you like it!
Here, new super blue background and an amazing amount of level you will definitely like. Each level signed, it can be an easy level of difficulty, hard and so on. Moreover, on every level Mahjong cards are set in different shapes.

If you are torn between a large number of themed mahjongs and cannot choose the most attractive option, then we present the game that will solve your problem. Blue Mahjong has several style solutions that you can switch between at any time. Change the background, tile patterns or difficulty level. Here, you have endless possibilities.

Besides the fact that Blue Mahjong has three different themes, the game is no different from the classic version of mahjong. You also need to destroy tiles from the field by connecting two identical patterns to each other. There is no timer in the game, so sit back and enjoy solving this Chinese puzzle.

To win, you only need a mouse and the ability to think logically. Think ahead about your actions, and before making a decision, analyze what it can lead to. Are you ready to become a mahjong guru and boost your intelligence? If yes, then feel free to run this game.