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Mahjong Connect 6

The Mahjong Connect 6 game is made in the best Chinese motives. Especially if you want to completely plunge into the most amazing and mysterious countries in the world. This game is surely for you, you will start from the first level and continue to enjoy the difficulty levels. The music fully dips you in the game. This miracle Mahjong Connect 6 will be your fascinating world.

One of the most difficult versions of mahjong, as you have to look for paired tiles on six squares at once. In doing so, you will have a limited amount of time, which decreases if you make a mistake.

On the first level, you will have six squares in front of you, made up of tiles and grouped in two rows. For inexperienced players accustomed to the traditional layout, this arrangement of knuckles can be confusing. You need to carefully look at the pictures to find pairs of the same among them. Click on identical images located side by side horizontally or vertically. Do it as quickly as possible to earn as many points as possible. Be vigilant, at first glance it may seem that some tiles are the same, but in fact they are not.

In this puzzle, you can use the ten suggested clues. They are located at the bottom of the screen and are activated by pressing the left mouse button on the magnifying glass. Do not forget that there are 8 levels in the game, so use help only in the most extreme cases. Keep track of time, quickly mark identical pairs of pictures, and you can achieve great success in Mahjong Connect 6.