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Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time

We are glad to present you a new version of the Mahjong game. Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time game, in which you will play, has a 3D cube in an unknown galaxy. Your task will be to remove the tiles as quickly as possible to win the game before your time runs out.
The rules of the game are simple as always, you need to click on two identical cubes to connect them. But remember, that you can remove only cubes with open sides from your playing field. You can also move your 3D cube with the help of arrows. This will help you to see all possible cubes that can be connected with each other in this game. You have bonus time as a good addition in the game that can help you to win. During your game, keep track of the time, create combinations and we wish you good luck in it.

We bring to your attention another interpretation of the oriental mahjong logic game from the developer Arkadium. In it, you will find an interesting arrangement of tiles in the form of a cube, all kinds of bonuses, as well as colorful 3D graphics. The free game does not require additional installation, you just need to open the site with Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time in your browser, click the “Start” button and immerse yourself in the dark dimensions of mahjong.

The goal of the Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time game is to remove all the tiles from the playing field. Click on two tiles with the same images to make a pair. As soon as the pictures on the tiles match, they will disappear, revealing the blocked cubes. In this case, you will not be able to click on tiles that are closed. Match as many cubes as you can while you have time. If the timer runs out and there are still tiles left on the playing field, then you lose.

One of the features of the version is the presence of a large number of bonuses that give extra time and increase your points. For example, with a high speed of solving a puzzle, you can double the final rating. Have fun trying to complete this 3D style puzzle.