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Mahjong Connect 5

The Mahjong Connect 5 game, which can be played online without registration, is one of the classic (basic) variants of Mahjong Connect. It is a single layer (flat) mahjong game where the tiles are arranged in one layer. They should be removed as usual – in pairs, but a large number of tiles are blocked. You can only make a pair of those that are at the edges or those that are located next to each other.
It is important to take this point into account when thinking over the moves. The main task of the game is to connect open tiles with each other and achieve complete victory. The game will help to develop logical and intellectual skills, patience, as well as hand motor skills.

We offer a mahjong game from the Connect series. Its advantage is that it does not have to be installed on an electronic device. You will be able to play solitaire right in your browser. Thus, there is no need to waste precious time waiting for the application to download on a PC or mobile phone. You just need to open our website on the Internet with the desired version of mahjong. If you go through the whole game, you can just close it and start a new one.

Mahjong Connect 5 is an interpretation of the classic Chinese solitaire game. You will have twelve levels, from the easiest ones for beginners to difficult ones that only experienced users can overcome. The puzzle will allow you to develop perseverance, attentiveness and logic. To improve these skills, you don’t even need to make special efforts, because you can simply complete Mahjong Connect 5 several times.
On the playing field there are tiles, which depict Chinese characters. You need to look for pairs with the same pictures among them. However, it must be remembered that tiles are clickable only if there are no obstacles between them in the form of other tiles. Completely clear the field and go to the next level.