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Mahjong Dogs 2

Who said that children cannot play Mahjong? And if this Mahjong Dogs 2 was invented especially for your children? Then they will need to find 2 identical muzzles of dogs and with each new level there will be more and more. Funny melodies will also be great to children, so they will like to play this nicely game. And what could be better?

Especially for dog fans, we are posting a reworked version of Chinese mahjong solitaire. In it you will meet cute dogs depicted on white rectangles of knuckles.

Mahjong Dogs 2 is the second part of the puzzle that we previously posted on our website. This time, we changed it a little, made it more colorful and complex. You will also see the muzzles of dogs, among which you need to find two identical ones. By making pairs of tiles, you destroy them from the playing field. As soon as it is completely cleared, the round will end, remember that the time to complete the round is limited, so be careful and think over your actions several moves ahead. The faster you make combinations of identical tiles, the more reward points you get.

In addition to adult players, children will also like this mahjong. Thanks to her, they will be able to get to know different breeds of dogs. Also, Mahjong Dogs 2 will make the child more insightful and assiduous, which is especially important for schoolchildren.