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Mahjong Connect 2

Thanks to the Mahjong Connect 2 game, you will immerse yourself in the ancient world and be able to go your way from start to finish in the online game Mahjong. If you have any problems, you will always come to the rescue with a sword, a cannon, a telescope and sandglass that will help you to complete the level to the very end. Also, do not forget about the time, that very fleeting, therefore, try to be vigilant.

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese solitaire game that has been able to find worldwide popularity during its existence. Any residents could play mahjong, regardless of their social status. At the puzzle, the emperors solved important issues, and the peasants rested after a hard day’s work. We offer you a single-tier model of this game, with slightly modified rules – Mahjong Connect 2.

How to play Mahjong Connect 2

In the process of disassembling figures made up of dice, you will have the same drawings and make pairs of them. This method is also used in the classic version of mahjong. However, there are several features here. So, you can only remove the knuckles that are connected by a line that has no more than two right angles. Be careful, because the time to complete the level is limited. You can increase it with the help of an hourglass. This is a rather difficult variant of mahjong, but solving it will bring you a lot of fun.

If you are in a difficult position and do not see pictures from which you can make a pair, then use one of the suggested tips. Swords destroy only two identical patterns, and guns – four. For an extra eight seconds, click on the hourglass. However, remember that the number of bonuses is limited, so use them only in extreme cases.