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Mahjong Express Zibbo

You have not yet met Mahjong where you can choose a level? Then, here, you will find it. In the Mahjong Express Zibbo game you can choose a classic level, medium level of difficulty, or easy one. It all depends on your level of proficiency in this game. With beautiful Asian music you will immerse yourself in the world of mahjong and be surprised how much it can engage you.

Mahjong Express Zibbo is perfect for those who do not want to go through many levels and worry about the fact that the timer may run out. Mahjong Express Zibbo compares favorably with the classic mahjong, so you will not have time limits, so you can relax and fully surrender to the gameplay.
At the initial stage, you choose the level of difficulty, after which you press the “Start” button and proceed to solve this Chinese puzzle. Regardless of how difficult the round will be, you will see the traditional mahjong dice layout, in the form of a pyramid or a turtle. Difficulty only affects the number of tiles displayed on your screen.

The main goal of the game is to disassemble the pyramid of rectangles, gradually destroying them. To do this, you need to look for pairs of identical pictures depicted on white tiles. At the same time, remember that they can be removed only if there are no other knuckles on top or on the side. Thanks to Mahjong Express Zibbo you will be able to test your perseverance, ability to think outside the box and assess the level of your strategist skills.