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Kris Mahjong Animals

Have fun and improve your skills. Kris Mahjong Animals is a fun game for kids and adults. Cute animals will not leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy the colorful drawings, recognize the animals and win.

In front of the player is a playing field of dice depicting cute animals. You will find lions, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes. The player’s task is to find and match two identical pictures. Click on the image with the mouse button. If the move is correct, the tiles disappear. Points are awarded for each successful pair.
You can connect the game elements that are next to each other or those that can be connected by a line with one or two corners.

Choose the dice as quickly as possible. The time to complete the level is limited and is indicated on the timer. The bar on the scale is decreasing rapidly. Combine identical tiles to replenish the time line. The player can use the help. Click on the hint and pairs of identical animals will be highlighted. If there are no available moves left, shuffle the tiles. The location of the elements will change and you can continue the game.

Adults can relax after their daily routine, and kids can train their memory and test their attentiveness. Improve your mood, enjoy the graphics, and set records.