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Kitchen Mahjong

Even if you don’t like to cook, then this Kitchen Mahjong game will still appeal to you. After all, this cooking is virtual, and in principle there is no need to cook. Here, you need to look for the same things depicted on the tiles and connect them. It is easy, isn’t it?
Yes, there are many tiles, but if you are attentive, then you will succeed!

We know that Connect Mahjong is popular, so we want to present you the next version of this game. In it you have to make pairs of tiles in a kitchen theme. You will see plates, cups and utensils needed for cooking. Especially Kitchen Mahjong will appeal to people who like to mess around in the kitchen, beat, stir, fry and cook.

How to play Kitchen Mahjong

The rules of the Kitchen Mahjong game differ little from the classic ones. It is also necessary, as in previous versions of Mahjong Connect, to look for pairs with the same pictures and connect them with a line. It is important that it does not have more than two turns. First, find the tiles that are next to each other vertically or horizontally. Chinese solitaire will increase the efficiency of your mental activity.
The task becomes more difficult due to the ever-decreasing time. If at the first levels you have enough minutes to solve the puzzle, then at the last – it will be sorely lacking. Focus all your attention on the playing field to make as many successful moves as possible, because they increase the timer. The outcome of the game depends only on you and your ability to think logically.