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Mahjong Towers 2

Mahjong Towers 2 is the sweetest mahjong you’ve ever met. At first glance, the title may seem like the game is incredibly difficult, but it is not. The tiles on the playing field are displayed in the shape of a pyramid. Those tiles, which are highlighted can be removed from the field, just find the same ones. The tiles will feature cute cartoon animals, so your child will be able to keep you a great company. That’s why the game will be doubly interesting.

This time you have to go on an adventure through the mysteries of the Mayan civilization. This version of mahjong is made in an unusual style, reminiscent of Montezuma’s Treasure. Instead of traditional tiles or tiles, you will have marbles.
The rules of the game are very different from the traditional ones. You need to make a row of three or more identical balls. As soon as you do this, they will immediately disappear from the playing field, making room for subsequent combinations. The level will end as soon as you reach the top of the tower, around which there are multi-colored balls.
Be aware of time limits as well. If you delay, you will not get enough points to pass to the next level. Act quickly and make as few mistakes as possible. We are confident that you will be successful in this exciting interpretation of the Chinese logic game.