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Flower Dimensions

Relaxing music, 80 levels and beautiful pictures of garden equipment and flowers will definitely be liked by you. Here you can play your lovely Flower Dimensions Mahjong, but remember about time limits, you will see it on the right side of your computer screen. Also you have the opportunity to roll the construction on which the cubes are displayed, so don’t worry about the fact that you will not see some kind of cube.
This version of the mahjong game has floral motifs. Here you will have to look for squares with the same images of plants that are next to each other or those that are connected by a straight line with one corner. The tiles in Flowers Dimensions Mahjong (Blossom) have a garden theme. They can depict flowers, buckets, trees, butterflies or bushes. At the same time, the gameplay is accompanied by pleasant music, and in the background you will see village cottages, scenes of tea drinking and cozy courtyards surrounded by greenery.

In total, you have to go through 40 levels, each of which differs in complexity and background image. It is also necessary to remember that rounds have time limits. Don’t make too many mistakes or you’ll lose quickly. You need to have time to collect all the tiles so that they disappear from the screen before the timer runs out. If you do not have time to do this, you will have to start the level all over again. If you are having difficulty, then use the hint, however, this will lower your score.

Also in this flower mahjong there is a list of the best players, which you can also get into. Pass the levels as quickly as possible, make as few mistakes as possible and you will become leaders in the record table.