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Real Mahjongg

An interesting and educational game reminiscent of traditional Chinese board games is now available on your smartphone or laptop. If you like simple rules and colorful graphics, Real Mahjongg will become your favorite game for relaxation.

The player has to make pairs of bars with the same images and clear the playing field as quickly as possible. To do this, just click on the segments and look for the next similar images. All the bars are stacked in several levels, click on the ones that are on the edge and not overlapped by others. Participants can choose the options and forms of the arrangement of game elements.

On the screen, you can keep track of the number of collected pairs, as well as the timer values. Among the additional options, players can use a hint if they are unable to find the next move. When all the options are exhausted, shuffle the blocks and continue to clear the board.

Participants will have fun and exercise their visual memory, perception, attentiveness, and concentration skills to the maximum. Stack the blocks with different hieroglyphs and relax. You can play alone or organize a competition with a group of friends. It’s a great way to take your mind off your daily routine, schoolwork, and relax.