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Magic Mahjong

Go on a journey through the dungeons with a mysterious wizard. Magic Mahjong is an interesting game with bright elements and different levels of difficulty. The player has to help the wizard to pass all the levels, getting the maximum number of points.

The participant is presented with a field of dice with different images. Click on the dice with the same patterns to make them disappear. Each successfully matched pair of elements disappears. The level is completed when no segment remains on the field. You can match cubes with the same images or the same color. Watch the timer to finish the game on time.

You can use additional options. Explosives allow you to get rid of identical cubes at the same time. If you need more time, click on the clock. If all possible moves are used, choose a hint. It can be highlighting the available move or shuffling the cubes.
Use logic to free up as many cubes as possible and reveal the next ones. You can choose only those that are on the edge and colored. With each subsequent level, the number of elements increases, and the cubes can be arranged in several levels.

Complete the game’s tasks, get magic symbols and set new records using logic and attentiveness.