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Onet Emoji Connect

If you like puzzles, this is the place for you. Onet Emoji connect is an interesting and fun game in which you need to find pairs of identical images. This time you have to look for matches among funny emojis. Players will find original emoticons and tricky tasks.

There are tiles with different images on the playing field. The theme of Onet Emoji connect is interesting and cute emojis that will give a full range of emotions and moods. The player’s task is to choose matches among the dice. Click on a pair of identical smuggles and they will disappear from the field. The game is over when there is not a single element left in front of the player. You can choose only those tiles that can be connected by a line with two right angles as much as possible or those that are adjacent.

The time for completion is limited and runs out on a timer. In addition to the time on the screen, the player can keep track of the number of levels completed. If there are no moves available and you need help, use the shuffle option. With each new level, the number of cubes increases and the task becomes more difficult.
Searching for matches allows you to rest, relax and get away from everyday activities. Train your memory, concentration, and logical thinking skills in a fun and entertaining game.