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Mahjong Fortuna

Have you ever played Mahjong Fortuna? Before the game, you will see a horoscope that will definitely be an advance, so do not be lazy and read it as well. If you are new player, you will be given the rules, in short you need to collect 2 identical tiles and you can remove them from the field. Collect only those tiles that are free and if there are no tiles on the top, but you can find them around the perimeter. Also, there are special tiles, scores and help, so hurry up and start the game.

This version of Chinese solitaire is associated with horoscope signs and luck. The tiles depict various signs of the zodiac, familiar to almost everyone. Before starting the game, you will see a horoscope compiled for each sign, which distinguishes this mahjong from the previous ones.

Your main task as a player is to completely clear the field of tiles, making paired combinations of them. Remember that you can only connect tiles that have the same pictures. Be extremely careful, as some pictures may seem identical at first glance, but upon closer examination, it turns out that this is not at all the case.

The faster you make combinations of dice, the more reward points you get and, accordingly, the higher you move up in the ranking of players. If you were not previously familiar with the game mechanics of mahjong, then we are sure that you will quickly get used to and get used to the patterns on the tiles.