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Mahjong Towers

Discover a relaxing classic mahjong game “Mahjong Towers” and explore the world on your own mahjong journey! If you like a good game of mahjong, playing dominoes, sudoku or challenging chess, then you’ve come to the right place! Traditional mahjong is a big part of our addictive new mahjong journey game. Solve challenging Mahjong layouts and discover a Paris to yourself!

In this version of mahjong, you get the opportunity to choose one of the hundred available tile layouts. However, all tiles will be arranged in several tiers, regardless of which figure you stop at.
The goal of the game is to find and remove unblocked tiles, making pairs of them with the same hieroglyphs or other oriental pictures. For each correctly executed combination, you can get up to a maximum of 75 points. Their number depends on how quickly you click on the same bones.
If you are in a stalemate when you can not see the possible options for a move, then click on the hint button. You can use this option up to 5 times. However, remember that clues are worth 50 of your Reward Points. The bottom corner of the screen displays the number of tiles on the field at the current moment of the game. Score as many points as you can and become a mahjong master in Mahjong Towers.