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Mahjong Titans Turtle

Mahjong Titans Turtle is a tile matching puzzle game. Here you can see the tiles that are combined in the shape of turtle, so the name is Turtle Mahjong. You can click on any β€œfree” tiles (the ones on the edge) to select them and match them to other free tiles with the same image to remove them from the playing board.
Defeat Mahjong by removing all tiles.

The name of this version of mahjong reflects the principle of tile layout that was used in it. The classic pyramid or “turtle” as it is commonly called in East Asia. This logic game originated in China millennia ago, it is not surprising that during its existence, it was able to win the love of almost the entire population of the Earth. Find out how well your logical thinking is developed right now in Turtle Mahjong.
Mahjong Titans Turtle game will definitely not let you get bored, because in order to complete it you need to conduct a detailed analysis of all the tiles located on the screen. As soon as you find two of the same among them, do not rush to click. First think about the consequences of your decision. Make combinations of tiles with identical pictures, collect combos and get bonus points. The higher your rating, the higher you will rise in the line of leading players.

Remember that there are no losing positions in the game. If it seems that there are no two identical pictures left on the field, then use the hint that will highlight identical tiles. You can not allow delay, because you must have time to remove as many tiles as possible until the timer runs out. Discover the amazing world of mahjong and become the guru of this Turtle Mahjong game.