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Mahjong Fruit Connect 4

Do you like to look at pictures, look for the different and similar? Then Mahjong Fruit Connect 4 is just for you. This simple game from the Chinese board game series will appeal to both adults and kids. Bright graphics, funny pictures and clear tasks. Go level by level and get rewards.

There are cubes with different images in front of the player. The player’s task is to free the field from all elements. Cubes disappear only in pairs. To do this, select two identical elements and click on them. Use the mouse button or touchscreen. If you select the correct pair of tiles, they disappear from the field.
Choose only those tiles that are open on one side or that are identical and close to each other. You can also connect tiles that are connected by a line with no more than two turns. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the timer. Once the seconds are up, the game is over.

You can keep track of the score on the screen. Each successful pair brings extra points to the player. If you don’t see any possible options, choose a hint. Identical cubes will be highlighted.

The theme of the game will appeal to the little ones. Use juicy berries and fruits, nuts and grains to expand the knowledge of your kids. Develop logic, spatial thinking and attentiveness. Turn on the game and have fun.