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Mahjong Connect

The whole world of Mahjong is a world of patience and wisdom. And despite the fact that mahjong appeared quite recently, it has already managed to gain all general popularity and trust among a large audience. Here we are not talking about an ordinary Mahjong game that needs to be played by several people. You can play alone and have fun with it.

This game is similar to the usual layout of solitaire, there are many different versions, among them: Chinese, Japanese, Celtic and many different varieties. On our website you will find a large selection of online Mahjong games, especially if we are talking about one of most popular game that is a Mahjong Connection game.

At the moment, there are many varieties of Mahjong Connect of which you can play for free online: Mahjong Connect 4, Mahjong Animals Connect, Mahjong Butterfly Connect; just open the game in full screen and it will be a pleasure. You can see some different things that will be images on tiles: bamboo, hieroglyphs and different beauties of a birds. If it will be children’s Mahjong Connections, they will be associated with sweets, animals, fish, etc. And here everyone will find a version of the Mahjong Connect for themselves, to their taste.

Playing this exciting game, you will find yourself in the mysterious world of pirate treasures, of unknown galaxies, sea adventures and much more. All you need to do is complete all tasks, solve all the puzzles, of course, connect two identical tiles by removing them from the field. For such connections you will receive a reward and the more tiles you remove from the field, the more rewards you will have. The game will be considered complete if all the tiles leave the field.
You will obviously like the Mahjong Connect even if you try to play it for the first time.

We wish you a pleasant pastime with your favorite Mahjong games!