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Alien Mahjong

Meet alien creatures by searching for similar pictures on the board. Alien Mahjong is an interesting puzzle game that will help you relax and improve your skills.

The player is faced with a board with a large number of dice. Each of them has a funny image of strange creatures and spacecraft. The player’s task is to find a cluster of two or more identical tiles and click on them. The column will go down and the location will change.

For successful moves, the player’s score will increase not only in points but also in the number of bombs. They can be used when there are no identical dice left. Click on the element you want to destroy. You can also use hints. Identical images will be highlighted and the player will easily find them among the variety of pictures. If there are no combinations of two or more identical tiles, the player can use bombs.

When all the possible bombs are used and the moves are exhausted, you can start the game again by mixing all the tiles. Use your logical thinking, anticipate profitable combinations, train your memory and concentration skills. Alien Mahjong is a great way to relax and have fun in your free time.