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Free Mahjong Con

Try your hand at a traditional Chinese board game. The main task in Free Mahjong Con (Daily Mahjongg) is to find two identical tiles and clear the board as quickly as possible. Train your attention and concentration skills and just relax while enjoying the colorful design of the game tiles.

In front of the Free Mahjong Con player on the field are tiles with different images in a ball of levels. Find the same images on the tiles that are lying so that they can be moved left or right without blocking other elements. Just click on such a pair and it will disappear immediately. The game ends when all the elements have disappeared from the field.

The game is limited by the time on the timer. Perform all moves as quickly and carefully as possible so as not to waste time. The player can keep track of his score and compare it with the record set in the previous game.

The game allows you to relax and focus on performing an interesting task. Adults and children alike will be able to distract themselves from everyday problems and relax by shifting the blocks with mysterious Chinese characters. Invite your friends to play and organize real competitions for attentiveness and intelligence. Clear rules, easy tasks, and colorful graphics will appeal to everyone.