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Mahjong Slide

Mahjong Slide, that is about sliding identical blocks together to remove them from the board. Online mahjong solitaire games are puzzles based on connecting the same tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, placing tiles underneath them to play. The game ends when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the playing field or when there are no open pairs left.

Space themed mahjong with colorful tiles depicting the signs of the zodiac, constellations and animals. The gameplay is accompanied by a soothing melody that creates a magical atmosphere. At the same time, each correctly composed combination of two identical drawings is accompanied by a spectacular animation.

Before you is another version of the popular Chinese solitaire, in which you need to completely clear the playing field from tiles with different patterns. The rules are as simple as possible, click on the tiles with identical images. Once clicked, they will be destroyed and bring you one step closer to victory. The faster you remove all the tiles, the more reward points you get. Remember that the time allotted to complete the level is limited.

Each new round will be more difficult than the previous one, so be prepared for the difficulties that arise in solving the Chinese puzzle. If the gap between your moves is too long, then the same tiles will automatically be highlighted. Also, you can undo up to five of your last actions or remove several additional tiles at once. However, remember that hints do not earn points. If you aspire to become a mahjong master, you will have to rely only on your own mind and logic.